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How to check the in-app revenue and mobile app downloads in a given country or platform? How to find out which country your competition has chosen for soft-launching their game? How to tell how many dollars a game or mobile app generates from downloads in a given country? Read the text to find out.

One of the key actions when drawing up a marketing or business plan for an app or mobile game is an analysis of revenue from an app or competitive games. Checking revenue from games or apps is a major element even before starting development work and entering the market.

The market offers a few tools (App Annie, Apptopia, Reflection, Sensor Tower) that allow to check app or mobile game revenue. One of the interesting things is that Apptopia has come a lengthy way through these several years. I remember that in 2012 or 2013 it was a stock exchange where you could purchase a mobile game. A few years back, Mark Cuban invested in this project (owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks team and one of the jurors of the Shark Tank program in the United States). Currently, most of the users are using the free version of Sensor Tower,but that version doesn’t show the breakdown of revenues by country or game. The above tools estimate particular revenues from in-apps for games and applications. Most of them can make a mistake by a dozen or so % to plus or minus.

A tool that I will make a bit more concrete today is AppMagic, which is a paid option in the subscription model (6 months, 12 months, 24 months). It is a very useful variant for anyone related to the mobile industry (games, applications). In the free version, you can log in and check the rankings of games or applications in App Store or Google Play. AppMagic consists of several modules (Top LTV, Soft-launch, Similarity Graph, App Tracker, API Access, Top Trending Apps), which are additionally payable with the basic plan (downloads and revenues).

If you are a developer and grant access to AppMagic to your financial data in Google Play and App Store, then access to the tool will cost you less. The price of the tool drops considerably if you purchase access for a longer period of time (12-24 months). The price starts at several hundred dollars a month depending on the extensive package.

After logging in, you will find yourself on the main screen in Top Apps where you can screen the most downloaded applications and generate the highest daily income.

In Top Publishers you can check how the best publishers are doing, while in Top Trending, you can browse the biggest increases in terms of downloads and revenues in a given country.

In the Top Soft Launches section you can screen competitive games that have entered the market with soft-launch. You can view the countries in which the game has been “launched”, the revenue and the number of downloads.

TOP LTV allows you to check the LTV from a player in a given country. LTV on the platform is calculated as = revenue after fee and tax reduction/number of downloads in a given country.

App Comparison gives you the option to compare revenues, downloads, revenues/downloads of a few selected applications.

As you can see, Tinder is the king of dating apps in terms of downloads and revenue. If you want to check the data for a given game, you can simply find it by using the search engine.

Going further, you can browse information about revenues, downloads for the last 30 days, as well as data concerning the number of competitive games.

You can also check how the game is doing in terms of downloads and revenue on a particular platform in all countries available on the platform.

As you can see in the attachment above, Coin Master brings a huge daily income. One of the most interesting options in AppMagic is Similarity Graph, which shows you applications similar to a given game for a given app or mobile game. You can use the data, for example, to target users, if you are promoting your game or application. As I mentioned earlier, the data shown in this tool are merely estimates and you should take them with a grain of salt; the real revenues and the number of downloads may vary (up to several %)

If you’re in the mobile apps and games sector, you are a specialist in monetization, user acquisition or you invest in gaming companies, AppMagic is just the tool for you. For really reasonable money, you get access to one of the best tools when it comes to data quality.

If you would like to give the premium version a test run for free (3-day access), register via this link.

In the upcoming articles, I will do my best to show you an alternative tool to AppMagic.

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