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On February 11, the long-awaited Android version (version 2020.02.11) of GWENT hit the Google Play store. Since yesterday the game is placed by the developer in the Google Play store in the pre-registration mode.

What is pre-registration on Google Play? This is the mode chosen by the developer, which can build a list of potential players for 90 days. After subscribing to the list, at the time of the debut of the application, the player is informed by push notification that the game is now available for download.

CD Projekt Red announced that the official launch of the application is scheduled for March 24, 2020 (from the moment of publication in the early registration mode on Google Play, the developer has 90 days for official publication). You can see the confirmed release date in the video below.

GWENT Pre-Registration

Users who register on the GWENT card in the Pre-Launch phase will receive an exclusive avatar. One of the more interesting features of the pre-registration mode is the option of rewarding users who sign up for the initial list.

During the Pre-Launch, we will monitor acquisition activities (in particular in terms of App Store Optimization activities) of CD Projekt Red targeted at users from the United States. Then on the blog, we will prepare an analysis of acquisition activities.

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