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What lies behind the phenomenon of the mobile game My Perfect Hotel? How many ads did I watch during nineteen (19) sessions? What do the in-app purchase (IAP) packs look like in the game? Do daily tasks affect faster progress in the game? How many downloads does the game currently have, and how much has it earned from in-app purchases over the last 2 years? Did Redux.Games and SayGames create a formula for the “perfect” monetization model for idle arcade games? Find out all about it in the text below.

My Perfect Hotel is a game that was released on April 13, 2022, for Android and on July 29, 2022, for iOS. The developer of the game is Redux.Games, and it is published by one of the biggest players in the industry, SayGames. My Perfect Hotel is an idle arcade game that combines elements of arcade, simulation, and idle clicker games, offering a unique hotel management experience.

According to the AppAgic tool, the game ‘My Perfect Hotel’ has reached nearly 133 million downloads on Google Play and the App Store, generating revenues from in-app purchases (IAP) exceeding 10 million dollars. Additionally, the game earns several million dollars per month from advertisements.

In the United States, My Perfect Hotel has over 30,000 downloads daily according to AppMagic data for the App Store and Google Play.


Since its launch, the game has been conducting user acquisition activities, utilizing advertising networks such as Google UAC, Facebook, Mintegral, Applovin, Unity Ads, Moloco, Vungle, IronSource, and Pangle.

SayGames uses a wide range of advertisements, including playable and video ads that vary in length from 6 seconds to as long as 7 minutes and 43 seconds.

If you want to know exactly what video ads SayGames uses for user acquisition, I recommend using the AppMagic tool (here you can register for a 3-day free trial).

Core mechanic and progress in the game:

In ‘My Perfect Hotel,’ the core gameplay mechanic allows players to manage their own hotel, expand it with new rooms, hire staff, accelerate their work, decorate rooms, and meet the needs of guests, such as delivering an iron to a hotel room.

In mobile idle arcade games, there are several main mechanics (they must be simple): such as digging, fighting, cleaning, building, arranging.

In My Perfect Hotel, you deal with cleaning, collecting, and moving items from one place to another. All these activities can be performed using just one finger. I plan to write a separate article about the phenomenon of mobile idle arcade games.

The game offers microtasks that the player performs throughout the gameplay, such as cleaning rooms, replenishing toilet paper in bathrooms, or checking in guests. Such tasks keep the player engaged in the game and give them a sense of satisfaction from their work.

To progress faster in the game, you must manage the reception yourself (and later hire automatic receptionists) and clean rooms, which is one of the daily quests. Your goal is to collect dollars and expand more areas in the hotel, hire additional staff, decorate rooms, increase staff work speed, upgrade the hotel level, unlock new hotels, and level up the main character.

Microtasks can be performed either by yourself or by hiring staff who will work automatically. There are also tasks that you must perform yourself, for which you will receive “stars.”

Hotel Level-Up

The main goal in the game is to achieve successive hotel levels by performing various activities, such as decorating rooms or building automatons. For each hotel level advancement, the player receives tokens and cash. There is also the option to double these rewards by watching rewarded ads.

Daily Quests (Daily Tasks to Complete): 

  • During gameplay, players can complete daily quests which reward them with tokens. These tokens can be used to upgrade the player’s character and increase hotel revenues.
  • Quests appear on the right side of the screen only after reaching the third level of the first hotel. This strategy allows players to initially explore the hotel and understand the game without the need to focus on quests immediately.
  • Examples of daily tasks include: cleaning 5 rooms, building 7 rooms, serving a VIP (which involves watching 1 rewarded video ad).

Cloud Travel

As you expand your hotel and complete various tasks such as room decoration, through Cloud Travel, you earn tokens. These tokens enable you to upgrade your character’s efficiency and increase hotel revenues.

If you decide to purchase a Premium package, you will receive significantly higher rewards such as gems, skins, or additional tokens. The Cloud Travel option becomes available at the fourth level of the first hotel.

Level-Up Player

After acquiring tokens, you can use them to upgrade your character, for example by speeding up their movements or increasing hotel revenue.

In-Game Currencies:

Cash (“soft currency”)

  • Cash is the primary currency used for hotel expansion. With cash, you can open new rooms, hire staff, or enhance room levels through decoration. Additional cash can be obtained through gems, watching rewarded ads, or using what are called “free daily offers.” Each hotel in the game has its own currency, which can be distinguished by different colors.

Gems (“hard currency”)

Gems, being the hard currency, allow for the purchase of cash, exchanging them for cash without the need to watch rewarded ads, and upgrading room levels without the need to watch ads. The cash shortfall required to hire cleaning staff in later stages of the game can be supplemented with gems. Gems can be acquired by purchasing in-app packages (IAP) or, for example, by watching ads in so-called Daily Offers.


Tokens are crucial for increasing the player’s level, movement speed, hotel revenue, and the number of products carried.

Tokens can be acquired in several ways: through purchasing IAP packs, watching ads in Daily Offers, and by leveling up the hotel. Additional tokens are also awarded in the Cloud Travel section for completing various tasks and progressing in the game.

The currencies in the game are carefully designed, and the so-called hard currency (gems) does not force purchases from the start of the gameplay. Faster game progress can be achieved by watching ads.

Game Monetization (IAP and Ads)

n hybridcasual games, most revenue comes from ads, but in-app purchases (IAP) can account for up to 50% of total revenue.

This is good news for marketing specialists responsible for user acquisition, who can test different targeting methods (based on tROAS from ads, IAP, or hybrid targeting).

The game generates revenue from various sources, including banner ads, forced ads, rewarded ads, and microtransactions, i.e., purchases of various packs in the game.

Each hotel has its own currency, which can be distinguished by color. What do the most important IAP packs in the game look like?

Premium Pack 

  • Removes forced interstitial ads and banner ads.
  • Includes 200 gems.
  • Includes 150 tokens.
  • Grants a permanent vehicle for faster movement around the hotel.
  • Provides exclusive premium skins.

No Ads Pack

  • Removes forced interstitial ads and banner ads.
  • Includes 100 gems.
  • Includes 75 tokens.

Gem Packs

  • 20 gems
  • 60 gems
  • 95 gems
  • 150 gems
  • 330 gems
  • 550 gems

Additionally, it’s noted that gems are priced higher in the iOS version compared to the Android version. This is a common practice in mobile games where pricing strategies may vary between different platforms.

Cloud Travel PRO

  • Even up to a 10x greater profit, for example, instead of cash you receive gems, instead of 5 tokens you receive 30 tokens.

(Drive Motel PRO) Hotel Pass in Motel Fund

  • Removes forced interstitial ads and banner ads.
  • You receive 72 gems.
  • You get 10,900 in cash.
  • You gain 145 tokens.

(Drive Motel Elite) – Hotel Pass in Motel Fund

  • Removes forced interstitial ads and banner ads.
  • You receive 230 gems.
  • You get 7,200 in cash.
  • You gain 435 tokens.
  • You receive an exclusive premium skin.

Hotel Pass holders receive level-up rewards in the form of a larger number of tokens and cash, and sometimes gems instead of cash. On the left side of the graphic, you can see the number of tokens you receive for leveling up the hotel without Hotel Passes. On the right side, you see how many tokens you can earn in the PRO and Elite versions. By purchasing the Pro or Elite version, you will get rid of so-called forced Ads and banner ads.

Note: Each hotel has its own hotel passes, so purchasing a PRO or Elite pack in one hotel does not give you a Hotel Pass in another hotel. If you want to have a Hotel Pass in subsequent hotels, you will need to purchase them anew each time. When purchasing a PRO or Elite pack, the disabling of invasive video and banner ads is permanent.

Video Ads (rewarded & interstitials)

  • A video ad featuring a VIP scattering cash around the hotel, which you must collect. This ad is also one of the daily quests (daily task).

  • Speed Up – an ad where a flying carpet, a unicycle, and other vehicles appear, increasing the player’s movement speed by 50% for 3 minutes.

  • Money Bag, Stash of money – video ads that give you extra cash for watching. This is the most frequently watched ad in the game.

  • Not enough resources – at level 4, to unlock new areas in the hotel, you start needing cash but also various resources like toilet rolls or wood. You can buy these with gems or watch an ad to obtain them. You can also transport them from the utility room.

  • Reward x2 ads displayed when leveling up the hotel.

  • Invasive ads (so-called forced ads) on Android are just as bothersome as those on iOS, appearing automatically every few seconds. Video ads that launch automatically, or static banners at the bottom of the screen, can be removed by purchasing, for example, the No Ads Pack. This pack also removes static banner ads.
  • Static banner ads.

Daily Rewards :

Rewards for daily logins to the game appear only at level 4, nearly at its completion. The value of the rewards can be doubled by watching a video ad. After reaching day 8, the Daily Rewards reset, starting again from day 1 reward.

Session 1 (iOS)

I started the first gaming session on an iOS device. I noticed that on Android, the first ads provide the player with more dollars ($100 on iOS vs $150 on Android).

The game starts with $50 when I am at the hotel reception and serving the first guest. There is no tutorial created in the game, so I immediately proceed to perform activities in the hotel, such as cleaning.

If you play mobile idle tycoon games like Prison Empire Tycoon, you will notice that these games almost always have an extensive tutorial. Here, there is no such tutorial, and there is no need for one.

After serving guests at the reception, each one leaves cash and goes to their room to stay overnight.

After the overnight stay, the guest leaves, and I have three places in the room to clean up. After cleaning, the room is ready to receive the next guest. This task takes about 6 seconds.

Upon exiting the room, there is an opportunity to open a new room for $30, which I have in my account. I open another room, and I am left with $20. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to take a $2 tip after the first guest’s overnight stay in the first room. Automatically, there is an opportunity to create another room for $50. Unfortunately, I don’t have that amount, so I have to go back to the reception to serve more guests.

At the reception, a queue waits for more guests. I serve two of them, which brings in a total of $30. I now have $50 in my account again and open the third room.

After opening the third room, there is an option to hire a cleaner who will do the cleaning for me. This option appears 1 minute and 46 seconds into the gameplay. I enter the second room, clean it, and earn $2 left in the room.

Then, I serve another guest at the reception, earning $20. I then go to the first room to collect $2 and clean it.

At 2 minutes and 19 seconds after leaving the room, the first ad appears with the option to open a cash box. After watching the ad, I earn $100.

After watching the first ad, at 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the game, I hire a cleaner for $80. After hiring, there is an option to upgrade the standard of the first room to level 2 for $100 and create a toilet near that room for $90. At this time, I have $44 in my account.

I serve another guest at the reception, earning $20. Then, I clean the first room again and collect a $2 tip.

At 5 minutes into the game, after exiting the room, a second ad appears for $100. After watching the ad, I have $166, which allows me to unlock the toilet for that amount. I am left with $76 in my account. I can track the game’s progress on the left side of the screen, where it shows that I am on the first level at Drive Motel and have completed 4 out of 30 tasks. Along with the toilet, a utility room is also unlocked for storing toilet paper.

In the utility room, I take three rolls of toilet paper and return to the toilet. After exiting, I leave $76 to speed up the cleaner’s work (costing $140). Then, when I am short $64, a rewarded ad automatically appears with a $150 reward. After watching the ad, I can speed up the cleaner’s work and unlock the option to hire a receptionist for $140 (currently having $86).

I must personally serve the next three guests at the reception (earning $116), after which I go to rooms 2 and 3 to collect $4 tips.

After exiting the third room, another rewarded ad appears, offering $150. After watching the ad, I unlock an automatic receptionist at 9:26.

I currently have two automatic employees (a cleaner and a receptionist), 3 rooms, a toilet, and a utility room. I continue to accept guests and collect fees from them.

I upgrade the standard of the first room to level 2, ignoring the option to watch an ad in exchange for extra dollars. Next, there is an option to upgrade room number 2 to level 3 (costing $280) and room number 2 to level 2 (costing $140).

Watching another ad allows me to earn an additional $300. After collecting more fees from guests at the reception, I currently have $394. Then, I upgrade room 2 to level 2.

After 11 minutes and 29 seconds, my character finishes level 1. I do not have enough tokens (I need 3) to advance to level 2, which I can buy for 1 gem. Advancing to level 2 increases hotel revenue by 1%.

After 11 minutes and 50 seconds, the option to purchase the No Ads Pack (100 gems, 75 tokens) appears in the first ad window. However, I decide not to make the purchase at this time. I also skip another option to watch a rewarded ad. I end the first session with $354 in my account.

After 12 minutes, I finish the first session, during which I watched 5 ads (more when upgrading room levels), unlocked 3 rooms, a toilet and a utility room, and hired 2 automatic employees.

During these first 12 minutes, I did not feel overwhelmed by rewarded ads. I believe the developers at Say Games have balanced player progression and monetization very well. The first session and early game are crucial for the player experience, so it is important to ensure transparency and clarity of game objectives. The UI is very well designed to not overwhelm the player with too many elements on the screen during the first session.

Number of ads watched: 5

Session 2 (iOS)

After returning to the game (session 2) in “My Perfect Hotel”, I noticed that the balance of my account remained unchanged at $354. Immediately upon entering the game, I had to close a pop-up window offering the “No Ads Pack” for 49.99 PLN.

I focused on expanding and upgrading my hotel. I carried out a series of room upgrades, advancing three of them to level 3, which gave me additional stars needed to promote the hotel to a higher level. I watched numerous ads, which not only brought me benefits in the form of additional cash or accelerations but also influenced the speed of development of my hotel business.

In addition to managing upgrades, I also handled customer requests. One of the microtasks involved delivering an iron to a room, which allowed me to earn more stars. By increasing the number of cleaning staff, I was able to more efficiently manage the growing number of rooms and toilets that I unlocked as the hotel developed. My progress in the game was significant. I managed to raise the hotel to higher levels, ultimately reaching level 4. Each level advancement was a moment of satisfaction, as I saw how my efforts translated into the development of my hotel empire. Each new level unlocked further options and possibilities, such as additional employees who could carry more products or work faster, which was crucial for further development.

In summary, my gaming session was an intense experience of managing, upgrading hotel infrastructure, and interacting with customers, with a simultaneous focus on maximizing the benefits from watched ads, which were an integral part of the strategy for developing my hotel.

During the session, I watched a total of 17 ads. Each offered various bonuses such as cash, accelerations, as well as gems and tokens, which I could use in Daily Offers. Exceptionally, some of these offers did not require watching an ad, which was a pleasant variety.

Number of ads watched: 17 (22 after two sessions). As you can see, the number of displayed and watched ads increases over time.

Session 3 (iOS)

In the third session of “My Perfect Hotel,” I focused on intense development and expansion of the hotel.

The third session opened with a No Ads Pack pop-up offering a 20% discount.

I started by constructing additional rooms, each requiring upgrades. For most of these upgrades, I watched ads that enabled me to gain additional cash and other benefits. I was short of cash to level up another room, but I had the option to use gems, which I chose not to use.

I increased the efficiency of the cleaning staff and hired additional employees, including two receptionists and a cleaner. Additionally, I increased the speed of the employees distributing toilet paper.

I served a VIP customer and performed daily tasks, which brought me tokens and a percentage increase in hotel revenue. I also took on various microtasks, such as delivering an iron.

I watched numerous ads (40 in this session), which provided me with significant benefits such as additional cash and speed bonuses. These ads were crucial to my progress, enabling me to gain additional tokens and double rewards.

I managed to reach level 7 of the hotel, which opened up new possibilities, including access to new zones in the hotel and the opening of additional rooms. Each upgrade was supported by watching ads, which accelerated progress.

I gained additional rewards from the reward calendar and the Motel Fund. I also unlocked a new option “Cloud Travel,” which offered additional tokens.

At the end of the third session, after reaching the maximum level (8) in the current hotel, I managed to open another hotel – Beach Hotel.

In summary, the session was an intense period of expansion, optimization, and resource management, with a strong emphasis on watching ads to maximize economic and operational benefits in my hotel empire.

After 3 sessions, I have unlocked the second hotel (Beach Hotel).

Duration of the third session: about 1.5 hours

Number of ads watched: 40

Session 4 (iOS)

In the fourth session of “My Perfect Hotel,” I returned to the game after a four-day break. I watched several ads that enabled me to gain free tokens and gems. I also noticed that in the second hotel, Beach Hotel, there were fewer invasive ads than before. I began working at Beach Hotel, but progress was more difficult than in the first hotel. After an hour of play, I had only reached level 3. As you can see in the screenshot below, Beach Hotel has a different currency than the first hotel.

I was busy refilling soda machines and bringing drinks to guests’ rooms. These tasks were similar to those I had performed earlier in the game.

I unlocked a restaurant, which was quite time-consuming as initially, I had to bring the dishes myself. The restaurant was located a significant distance from the reception and the utility room which required the use of rewarded ads to increase movement speed. Additionally, I unlocked a bar.

I invested in purchasing the IAP Beach Hotel Pass (PRO), which gave me access to additional rewards during gameplay. Buying the Beach Hotel Pass PRO package allowed me to remove invasive video ads and static ads from the screen.

On my iPhone 11, the game ran unevenly, which prompted me to restart the game. After restarting, the game functioned much smoother.

Being in the second hotel, you can go back to the first hotel and expand it, gaining tokens that you can use in the current hotel. This is a great concept from Say Games and Redux.Games.

I ended the session after 1.5 hours of play. In the fourth session, I watched a total of 38 video ads and purchased the IAP Beach Hotel Pass PRO.

Number of ads watched: 38

Session 5 (iOS)

The fifth session in “My Perfect Hotel” was an intense experience with a strong focus on time and resource management, which required frequent use of rewarded ads.

The lack of a permanent vehicle for faster movement prompted me to frequently use rewarded ads that offered a 50% speed boost. These ads were crucial to maintain efficiency and speed of operations in the hotel.

The game’s economy is designed so that after each ad that increases speed, it is necessary to watch more ads to earn the missing cash to open or upgrade a new room. This strategy forced me to continuously engage with ads to maintain progress.

During 20 minutes of the session, I focused on expanding and upgrading the hotel, which resulted in watching 13 rewarded ads. These ads involved additional cash and accelerations.

At the end of level 4 in Beach Hotel, I had the opportunity to hire a waiter for the restaurant, which was a significant turning point in managing the restaurant.

At the beginning of level 5, I unlocked the pool (you will have to clean the loungers yourself after guests), which required additional towel supplies from utility room.

I ended the session after 43 minutes, during which I watched a total of 23 ads.

In summary, the fifth session was dominated by dynamic management of ads and resources, which allowed for the development of the hotel’s infrastructure and the addition of new features such as a pool and restaurant service. These challenges required strategic planning and frequent use of advertising options to effectively manage and develop the hotel.

Number of ads watched: 23

Session 6 (iOS)

At the beginning of the session, a special offer appeared containing 230 gems and 150 tokens, but I decided not to use it, continuing the game without additional premium conveniences.

I focused on continuing the expansion of the hotel, adding new soda machines and opening more rooms. Each new upgrade brought additional stars, which were crucial for further development of the hotel.

I noticed that collecting tokens was becoming increasingly demanding. To accelerate their acquisition, I needed to focus on intensively completing tasks from the task list.

I watched 14 ads during the session, which was necessary to gain additional resources and accelerate some processes in the game, especially in the context of lacking additional bonuses from the premium offer.

In summary, the sixth session was an intense period of resource management and hotel infrastructure expansion, where I had to rely on standard gameplay methods, not using premium conveniences.

Number of ads watched: 14

Session 7 (iOS)

I received a reward for logging into the game systematically (the 4th consecutive day), which is part of the incentive mechanism for daily activity.

During this session, I watched 16 ads, which allowed me to gain various bonuses such as additional tokens, faster movement, and cash. These ads were crucial to my gameplay strategy, enabling faster progress and hotel expansion.

The session focused on further expansion of the hotel, where I continued developing infrastructure and streamlining hotel operations. Utilizing the rewards and bonuses gained from ads helped in more effective management and faster development.

In summary, the seventh session was another day full of intense activities in “My Perfect Hotel,” with a strong emphasis on using the advertising system to maximize benefits. Systematic logging in brought additional benefits that supported the development and operations of the hotel.

Number of ads watched: 16

Session 8 (iOS)

I received a reward for logging into the game for five consecutive days. Rewards of this type usually include bonuses that can assist in further gameplay, such as tokens, gems, or other conveniences. During the session, I watched 28 ads.

In summary, the eighth session was another active day in hotel management.

Number of ads watched: 28

Sessiom 9 (iOS)

I received a special reward for logging into the game consistently for six consecutive days.

During this session, I continued to expand the hotel and watched 15 ads.

Number of ads watched: 15

Sessiom 10 (iOS)

I received a special reward for logging in daily for the entire week, which included 10 tokens, 3 gems, and $39.6k in cash.

In this session, I reached the maximum level, level 11, in the current hotel, unlocking a new hotel (Mountain Hotel).

Similar to previous sessions, I watched 15 ads. These ads provided various benefits, such as extra cash, speed-ups, or resources, which were crucial for rapid progress and effective hotel management.

The tenth session marked a significant point in my game, with important achievements such as reaching the maximum level in the current hotel and unlocking a new property.

Number of ads watched: 15

Session 11 (iOS)

The session started with receiving a reward as if it were the first day of consecutive logins, indicating the reset of the reward cycle after 7 consecutive days of rewards.

In the third hotel, instead of soda vending machines, coffee vending machines were unlocked, introducing a new element to hotel management and development.

I began by constructing the first room and continued expanding, which required intensive watching of ads again. The ads were designed to appear when my cash reserves were running low, offering additional cash as a reward.

The new hotel also unlocked a restaurant, further expanding management capabilities and income potential. In this session, I recorded a record-breaking number of 46 watched video ads, highlighting the increased financial needs associated with the development of the new hotel and the gameplay strategy that promotes using ads as a way to acquire resources faster. My previously purchased IAPs from the previous hotel were no longer available in the new location (clever 🙂). Adding new elements such as coffee vending machines and a restaurant significantly enriched the gameplay.

Number of ads watched: 46

Session 12 (iOS)

In this session, I focused on expanding the new area, which required specific resources. These resources were essential for continuing development and adding new features to the hotel. When I ran out of the required resources, I used video ads to acquire them.

Often, I had to watch several rewarded video ads in a row to meet the needs of development. These ads were crucial for progress, allowing construction to continue without waiting for manual resource replenishment (such as bringing them from the restaurant or storage room).

During the session, I built a campfire and a bar, which is an important step in expanding the hotel’s offerings.

In total, I watched 32 ads, indicating intensive use of this tool to support operational and financial progress in the game.

Number of ads watched: 32

Session 13 (iOS)

 The session began with receiving a rewarded for logging in for the “second day” in a row (logging in for the 9th day in a row). These types of rewards often include bonuses that help progress in the game.

In this session, I achieved an important milestone by unlocking the loader character, made possible by speeding up the work of the cleaning staff.

Unlocking this element at level 7 (210/225) was crucial for operational and logistical efficiency in the hotel, as loaders significantly streamline transportation and resource management. Remember to speed up the work of the cleaning staff faster. It will affect the faster unlocking of the loader.

During the session, I watched 23 rewarded video ads.

Number of ads watched: 23

Session 14 (iOS)

The central focus of this session was the demand for specific resources, such as wood and bacon, necessary for expanding further areas in the hotel. The requirement for these resources influenced my decisions and strategy, prompting me to focus on acquiring these particular materials.

To meet the growing demand for resources and accelerate the hotel’s development, I utilized 23 rewarded video ads during the session.

Number of ads watched: 23

Session 15 (iOS)

During session 15, I continued expanding the hotel. I watched 27 ads.

Number of ads watched: 27

Session 16 (iOS)

n this session, I noticed that the Cloud Travel option disappeared from the right side (it will return in subsequent sessions), which changed the way resources and rewards could be obtained and utilized. During the session, I made significant progress in the Mountain Hotel, unlocking the bartender character at the end of level 11 (365/385).

I managed to reach the maximum level 13 in the current hotel, allowing for the unlocking of the next hotel, Rising Sun Hotel.

During this session, I watched a record-breaking number of 73 video ads.

Number of ads watched: 73

Session 17 (iOS)

I started Session 17 in the 4th hotel – Rising Sun Hotel. I received a doubled reward for visiting the game for the “fourth day” in a row.

Each hotel in the game has its own distinct currency (currency color), adding a layer of strategy to the game’s monetization.

I continued to utilize ads in the Daily Offers to obtain additional tokens and gems, which are crucial for accelerating development and upgrades in the hotel. I noticed that the Cloud Travel option is no longer available in the fourth hotel, which changes the dynamics of the game and requires adjusting resource management strategies.

In the Rising Sun Hotel, I had to continue completing quests from the third hotel, which further complicated tasks in the new environment.

To unlock new space in the hotel, I needed resources such as soda water. After 17 sessions, I feel that all four hotels offer similar tasks and challenges, giving the impression of repeating previous experiences. Obtaining tokens becomes increasingly difficult, and player progression slows down.

I watched a total of 29 rewarded video ads.

Number of ads watched: 29

Session 18 (iOS)

In this session, I returned to the Mountain Hotel to earn additional tokens necessary for increasing revenue in the Rising Sun Hotel. Once again, I expanded the third hotel, which was necessary to obtain extra tokens. These tokens were crucial for financing and accelerating development in the Rising Sun Hotel. I used the acquired tokens to progress my player character and increase revenue in the Rising Sun Hotel. This allowed for more efficient management and faster growth in the new hotel.

In the Rising Sun Hotel, acquiring tokens became increasingly difficult due to growing requirements for the number of tokens needed to progress. This prompted me to return to the Mountain Hotel more frequently to quickly acquire these resources.

f course, I continued to watch rewarded video ads throughout the session. Without them, my progress would have been slow. To meet the growing challenges and demands, I watched 32 rewarded video ads during the session.

In summary, the eighteenth session was an intense period of resource management between two hotels, where the key strategy was to use the previous hotel to support development in the new property. Utilizing ads played a crucial role in obtaining the necessary resources and accelerating progress in the game.

Number of ads watched: 32

Session 19 – Final (iOS)

In this last session (Session 19), the Cloud Travel option, which allows for token acquisition, became available again.

The session ended with reaching level 26 in terms of player upgrades and level 6 in the Rising Sun Hotel.

During the session, I watched 41 rewarded video ads.

In conclusion, the nineteenth session was a pivotal and final moment in my “My Perfect Hotel” adventure, where the return of the Cloud Travel option allowed for more effective token acquisition and progress acceleration. Ending the game at level 26 for player upgrades and level 6 in the Rising Sun Hotel marked a satisfying conclusion to an intense hotel management strategy.

Number of ads watched: 41

I’m finishing My Perfect Hotel after playing through 19 sessions. I’ve spent several hours in the game, during which I’ve watched 528 video ads (after purchasing the Hotel Pass package, banner ads and auto-playing video ads stopped appearing). It’s truly an impressive number of ads. With an eCPM above $3 in Poland and the purchase of IAPs, Say Games has earned several dozen złotys from me.

1 session5 video ads
2 session17 video ads
3 session40 video ads
4 session38 video ads
5 session23 video ads
6 session14 video ads
7 session16 video ads
8 session28 video ads
9 session15 video ads
10 session15 video ads
11 session46 video ads
12 session32 video ads
13 session23 video ads
14 session14 video ads
15 session27 video ads
16 session73 video ads
17 session29video ads
18 session32 video ads
19 session41 video ads
Ads together528 watched video ads

My Perfect Hotel is an engaging hotel management game that offers players the opportunity to run and expand their own hotels. Over 19 intense gaming sessions, I had the chance to build and expand several hotels, starting from scratch and reaching advanced levels of management and improvement.

The game allows for the development of different hotels, each with unique requirements and resources. Progression in the game involves reaching higher levels and unlocking new possibilities, such as more complex hotel services and better amenities for guests.

Ads play a central role in acquiring resources. I’ve watched hundreds of ads that helped me accelerate development, acquire tokens, gems, and financial support needed for expansion and upgrades.

Each hotel introduced new challenges, from differences in currencies (colored cash) to specific resources needed for construction and expansion.

During the game, I decided to purchase IAPs, such as the Hotel Pro Pass, which offered additional benefits but was only active for the selected hotel.

Cloud Travel, although disappeared at a certain point in the game, was an important element in acquiring tokens. Daily Quests provided additional goals and token rewards, maintaining engagement and motivation to play.

I ended the game at 19 sessions, reaching level 26 in player upgrades and level 6 in the Rising Sun Hotel (the 4th hotel created).

My Perfect Hotel is a game that skillfully combines time management elements.

Although the repetition of tasks and the need for intensive use of ads may be challenging for some players, the game offers a satisfying experience for those who appreciate elaborate management strategies. If you can overlook the “need” to watch ads, it’s worth testing the game yourself.

Many game developers in the hybrid casual and arcade idle categories consider My Perfect Hotel a model to follow in terms of gameplay and monetization, and they start working on their games by deconstructing My Perfect Hotel. How do you like My Perfect Hotel?

In the near future, I will be publishing a deconstruction of the mobile game Burger Please, which is one of the leading idle arcade games.

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