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2019 is almost over and fraudsters have certainly made a profound dent in the industry. This year alone has seen the discovery of new fraud types (Complex VTA Spoofing), a rise in the sophistication level that fraudsters employ in their techniques, and overall, a whopping $12.6 billion of estimated losses in 2019 due to mobile ad fraud.

To top it all off, one of the biggest trends in the mobile ecosystem is the speed with which fraudsters reverse-engineer their methods to defraud and decimate marketing budgets. And there’s no doubt about it as fraudsters are relentless in their efforts to steal and attack mobile apps from all possible angles. From click spam, smart bots, or fraud that targets ad views, fraudsters show no signs of stopping.


Fortunately, neither do marketers as they grow savvier and more analytical with each passing day, employing powerful anti-fraud solutions that address fraud head-on.

In the age of information, insights and knowledge have become instrumental in the fight against fraud – and anti-fraud solutions such as Scalarr are well aware of it and actively look for effective ways of equipping marketers with the latest, most relevant information to make data-driven decisions and assess the quality of acquired installs.

Because of this, Scalarr has released the 2019 edition of the “Ultimate Guide to Mobile Ad Fraud 2.0” report; this insightful document includes a full list of all the different types of fraud available, including classic fraud types, modified fraud types, and even recently-discovered fraud types.

In addition, it goes in-depth about the current state of fraud and how it impacts the industry. For instance, it covers how the most fraudulent app categories in 2019 are Music and News – a fact that demands immediate action from marketers to detect the vulnerabilities in these categories and exterminate fraud altogether.

Last but not least, this report covers the different approaches to tackle fraud as well as the only solution advanced enough and capable of detecting all types of fraud with premium accuracy: machine learning.

Bursting with insights and key takeaways, this report is a tool that all marketers should carry in their toolbelt. Download today and don’t waste a second – or a dollar – in your fight against fraud.

Marketing Lead at Scalarr - Machine Learning based anti-fraud solution for mobile app developers and marketing teams

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