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Why are mobile apps massively uninstalled within the first month? Which mobile app category experiences the highest rate of uninstallation? How crucial is the first impression for retaining an app user? What are the differences in uninstallation rates between developing and developed countries according to Appsflyer? Can user feedback influence the uninstallation rate?

In the latest report by Appsflyer (a Mobile Measurement Partner tool for measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for mobile apps and games), several key findings were revealed regarding app uninstall trends in 2023. These insights could be extremely useful for marketers and developers of mobile apps and games. According to the data, more than half of the apps installed on devices are uninstalled within the first 30 days. Despite the high uninstallation rate, a positive trend has been noted with a 10% annual improvement in this rate.

Data from Appsflyer shows that dating apps (which are also among the most expensive in terms of conversion to registration and first payment) and mobile games are particularly affected by high uninstallation rates, though no category is free from this issue. For games, the exploratory nature of users leads to quick uninstallation of apps that do not impress them from the first use. On the other hand, the high uninstallation rate for dating apps may result from users’ lack of patience or a return to face-to-face interactions in the post-COVID period.

The report also points to differences between emerging and developed markets, where uninstallations are 20% higher in the former. It is crucial for marketers to focus on first impressions, as most uninstallations occur on the first day. Engaging onboarding processes, the use of deep links, and well-prepared tutorials are recommended.

To reduce the problem of uninstallations, it is important to measure uninstallation rates, understand the reasons and sources, and focus on engaging users from the very beginning. Marketers should also pay attention to user feedback, prioritize privacy and security, and define key performance indicators (KPIs) in the app.

A high app uninstallation rate is a nightmare for marketers conducting user acquisition campaigns for games and mobile apps. A high uninstallation rate of apps or mobile games may also indicate a poorly chosen user group or targeting strategy in promoting the app.


Data from Appsflyer:

  • Increase in the rate of uninstallation improvements for mobile apps and games: A 10% annual increase in the uninstallation improvement rate was observed in 2023, a positive trend against the previous year’s 8% increase.
  • High uninstallation rate in the first 30 days: Over half of the apps installed on devices are uninstalled within the first 30 days.
  • Highest uninstallation rates among mobile dating and gaming apps: Mobile dating apps have the highest uninstallation rate, followed by gaming and entertainment apps. For insights on dating apps, the 2022 report by Lift Off is recommended.
  • Difference between organic and non-organic installations: In the gaming category, the difference in uninstallation rates between organically and non-organically acquired users is only 14%, while the average difference across all categories is 24%.
  • Higher uninstallation rates in developing countries: Uninstallation rates are 18% to 30% higher in developing countries than in developed countries, with an average overall difference of 20%.
  • The first day is crucial: Most uninstallations occur on the first day after app installation, emphasizing the importance of first impressions and the onboarding process.
  • The importance of user engagement: To prevent uninstallations, it’s crucial to encourage continuous user engagement from the start, using all available channels such as push notifications, email, retargeting, and social media.
  • Listening to user feedback: Actively engaging in conversations about the app on social networks, app stores (through ratings and reviews), and communities is key to understanding and responding to user needs.

I encourage you to read the full report on Appsflyer’s website to delve into these findings and adjust your marketing strategies to reduce the app uninstallation rate.

ARPU Brothers Founder, App marketing agency for mobile apps and games

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